Marketing Success Story #1

Client: Metro Shopping Guild

Objective: To attract primary shopper demographic to five historic areas to raise awareness of shops in each area, increase traffic and promote sales.

Tactics: Create consumer event to bring females of all ages to shopping districts and create a repeat buying habit by getting them to return to shop within 60 days.

Results: 141 merchants participated and the event brought 1475 women into the areas in a three-hour time slot. 73% of the merchants reported making sales or service appointments that day and 90% responded they were very satisfied with the event. Now heading toward its eighth year, the event was deemed a great success and 97% of the merchants will be participating again. In addition, the event was voted Best Ladies Night Out in Westword newspaper.

Marketing Success Story #2

Client: National Dish TV Provider

Objective: To promote Dealer loyalty and increase consumer sales of preferred programming packages.

Tactics: Create catalog with wearables and other incentive products that could be purchased with "Dealer Dollars." These dollars were awarded in relation to the programming packages that were sold.

Results: With the quality of the catalog items and the efficient fulfillment methods, dealers responded with fewer distribution drops than the same period in the previous year. Dealers individually indicated that their loyalty levels were solidified due to this program.

Marketing Success Story #3

Client: Major Cable Television Operator

Objective: To create a national commission program for front-line personnel that would increase revenues and more the staff towards an efficient sales culture. The final Objective was to deliver sales data that would indicate the company's progress towards its revenue goals.

Tactics: Consult to create a spreadsheet model that would create custom programs at each site. Create communication campaign and training for employees. Develop process to roll out campaign and monitor progress.

Results: All Objectives were realized and Tactics were completed with a six-month window. Operator is now receiving data and determination of the program's success is forthcoming.